Friday, 24 September 2010

Coffee with Jason Denton and Yildiz Hussein

Bringing handfuls of glitter and bucket loads of glamour to Leicester’s Curve this autumn is Hot Stuff.
To find out about the sizzling performance set to hit the big stage on October 2, freelance writer, Jemma Crowston, caught up with cast members Jason Denton and Yildiz Hussein.

Curve’s Artistic Director, Paul Kerryson, revives Hot Stuff after more than five years break since it left the stage at Haymarket Theatre.

Hot Stuff is the Faustus story re-told in an explosion of 70s and 80s disco and soul songs. The sounds that drove the disco generation wild, set the stage for this hilarious night of glamour, glitz and total mayhem as anti-hero Joe Soap trades his soul to fulfil his wildest fantasies.

The devil wears sequins in this wicked and outrageous musical that will have the audience dancing, singing, and begging for more. The show will feature timeless pop icons from Dolly Parton to Donna Summer, Abba to Queen and adaptations of Michael Jackson’s music are brand new additions for the Curve production.

Kerryson has brought some of the original cast with him including Yildiz Hussein who will play Miss Hot Stuff.

“I was in the show ten years ago, and then seven years ago and five years ago was the last time. It’s a spectacular show and I’m really excited about performing at Curve for the first time too,” said Hussein.

24-year-old Jason Denton will play Joe Soap. He said, “I’ve been told that this is one of the most fun shows to be involved in.”

He added, “Joe is a bit of geek who dreams of being a big rock star but his girlfriend wants him to get a grip. Anyway this guy comes up to him and says he can make all his dreams come true if he signs a contract.”

37-year-old Hussein said, “Miss Hot Stuff is used to lure Joe away from his girlfriend who’s holding him back.”

Denton adds, “My girlfriend’s describe as more ballroom than bedroom whereas Miss Hot Stuff is more bedroom and this is nothing like what Joe has experienced before.”

The pair have some big numbers to sing during the show so I asked what they do to help their voice. Hussein said, “Plenty of water. Sometimes we have too much though and have to keep running to the toilet. But generally I find water and sleep really help.”

With rehearsals underway, the cast are busy practicing their dance moves in high heels and platforms.

Londoner Denton said, “I wore my platforms for the first time the other day and I couldn’t believe how tall I felt. I’m definitely going to have to practice walking around more in them.”

Not only does Denton have to get used to wearing such high shoes but he has to get over his modesty for the scenes where he’s wearing just his y-fronts.
He added, “I’m thinking about going to the gym more in the coming weeks. I’ve never been on stage wearing so little.”

Despite Hussein’s brief appearances on screen (BBC’s Casualty and Mammia Mia at Pinewood Studios), she and Denton spoke about the true magic of theatre.
She said, “There’s nothing like the journey of working on stage. On screen there’s a lot of stop, starting and waiting around for filming but on stage you really get the excitement and buzz of performing.”

The Birmingham born Hussein said the show is a great night out and a chance for all the audience to get up and start dancing too.

To book your seats for this explosive show visit or call 0116 242 3595.

Tickets cost £8.25-£26.50.

Performance runs from Saturday October 2 to Saturday November 6 2010.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Swan Lake @ Curve

Matthew Bourne’s award-winning Swan Lake is a must see at Leicester’s Curve theatre this week.
Whether you love the theatre, like to watch contemporary dance pieces or just love classical music this is modern day classic that will keep your eyes firmly fixed on the stage.

Returning to the city after last year’s fantastic Dorian Gray, Director Bourne and his New Adventures company stunned the audience with its opening night of their re-interpretation of Swan Lake. The set design and its adaptability were astounding.

Combine this with the beautiful gowns and the Swans’ iconic costumes you’ve got a show to be reckoned with. It’s easy to see how the show has won over thirty international awards since Bourne replaced the traditional female corps de ballet with an ensemble of masculine swans in 1995.

I was surprised to see elements of humour blended into the story but it worked well to compliment the modern references throughout the performance.
When Jonathan Ollivier appeared on stage as the Swan you could see the passion oozing out of him as he danced. His prowess on stage was perfect for the role of the menacing creature.

The bewildering intensity between the Swan and the Prince, played by Simon Williams, was fascinating to watch. At times it was erotic which was made even more obvious with the powerful Tchaikovsky’s great score playing in the background.

When the curtains came down for the interval I was just itching for the show to start act two. By the end of the performance the audience including myself were marvelling at the extreme talent of the cast.

Tickets for the show are like gold dust and if you’re lucky enough to see this show you’ll be sure to have a brilliant night!

Tickets and information: / 0116 242 3595. Tickets £24.50-£34.50, concessionary discounts available.