Sunday, 10 October 2010

Hot Stuff - Review

Looking for something to warm up your cockles this autumn? Then get down to Curve for the hilarious Hot Stuff which will have you singing, dancing and laughing all night long!

Leicester Theatre Trust Director, Paul Kerryson, has brought back the electric performance to the city after more than seven years break.
With an all-star cast including some of the original members (Ceri Dupree as Lucy Fur) anyone who sees this will be left wanting a second portion.

Hot Stuff is the Faustus story re-told in an explosion of 70s and 80s disco and soul songs. The sounds that drove the disco generation wild, set the stage for this hilarious night of glamour, glitz and total mayhem as anti-hero Joe Soap trades his soul to fulfil his wildest fantasies.

From start to finish I was mesmerised by the sparkly costumes and dazzling light displays. I hadn’t seen the show before so I was expecting a fantastic performance but I never expected to be laughing so much.
The story is fused by songs and short stand-up comedy moments, which worked great and allowed the set to be changed without the audience being kept waiting.

Narrator, Melvin Whitfield, led the audience all the way through and his stage presence was phenomenal. He had many scenes with the other cast members including Jason Denton who played Joe Soap.
It was clear the humour in the story has created a wonderful bond between the actors and this made the whole thing more enjoyable.

I couldn’t help singing along to the well-known hits from Michael Jackson, Abba, Dolly Parton and Donna Summers just to name a few.
By the second half the audience had loosened up and many joined in and even stood near the stage dancing along too.

There was a scene in the second half were Jason’s girlfriend Julie, played by Ngo Ngofa, belted out Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 hit, ‘I will survive’ and the passion behind it was huge. Everyone in the audience felt her emotions and we all joined in. If you see anything this season then see this.

Some say this is a family show but I think a lot of the humour and innuendos is more adult and would be a great night out for a group of friends or couples looking for a good laugh too.
Be prepared to feel energised after sitting through this performance because you’ll be left wanting to find the nearest disco and bust out some moves yourself!

To book your seats for this explosive show visit or call 0116 242 3595.
Tickets cost £8.25-£26.50.
Performance runs from Saturday October 2 to Saturday November 6 2010.

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