Friday, 18 March 2011

Day Five: Wig Five

What a week! I hope you’ve all enjoyed laughing at the pics.
I’m now at 95% of my target (of £300) so hopefully with a last push out via my social networks I’ll reach it by the end of the day.

Day One
The Mullet
This was probably the hardest day for me. I hate the mullet-look and it hated me. I was very shy and regretful on that first day but as the sponsors kept coming in I was reminded that it’s for a good cause.

Day Two
The Kylie-esk look
This was a fun wig to wear. My head felt somewhat protected by its huge presence and my confidence went up by the hour and so did the sponsors.

Day Three
The Clown
By far the most itchiest and hottest wig! I was clock watching that day and hoping the hour would come where I could set my head free.

Day Four
The Emerald
This was a fabulous wig. A great tribute to paddy’s day and I had a blast walking to the HBR training at Phoenix watching all the looks from people sat in Curve.

Day Five
The Red shimmer
Today’s wig is a symbol of everything that Red Nose Day stands for. The charity was set-up over 25 years ago and has worked in 25 countries across Africa as well as all four nations in the UK. They say that you’re likely to find a project supported by Comic Relief within at least 30 miles of where you live in the UK.

Thank you for all your support so far. Just another 5% to go before I reach my £300 target. Will you help me complete my challenge?

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