Sunday, 20 March 2011

Interview with Lisa Jackson

The fanciful and witty new play Love Love Love by Mike Bartlett opens at Curve this week and audiences will see the return of Lisa Jackson.

Freelancer journalist, Jemma Crowston, caught up with Lisa during a tour break last week.
Lisa was last in the city playing Ann Deever in the Curve Production of All My Sons in November 2009. This week, Lisa will take on the lead female role of Sandra in Love Love Love from Tuesday night.

It’s 1967; Kenneth (Ben Addis) and Sandra (Lisa Jackson) know the world is changing. And they want some of it.

Love, Love, Love takes on the baby boomer generation as it retires, and finds it full of trouble. Smoking, drinking, ambitious and paranoid, one couple’s forty-year journey from initial burst to full bloom. Drawing its title from the hippy-era-defining Beatles classic All You Need is Love, the show tells a story that will be familiar to many; a tale of luck, opportunity, freedom, achieving goals and having hopes and dreams dashed.

Lisa said, “I was thrilled to see some old haunts on the tour list and I’m excited to come back to Curve because it’s a great theatre. We were in the main auditorium for All my Sons so I’m looking forward to working in the studio space.”

The show will be split into three acts. The first act will see the first meeting between Sandra and Kenneth and we’ll see Lisa portray a head-strong 19 year-old who rebels against her reserved parents.

In act two, we’ll see the set and characters transform. The couple are now married with two children and it seems they’ve lost their aspirations which they strongly believed in during their prime.

For the final act, Lisa tells us where she gets her inspiration for Sandra. She said, “I’ve been asking my mum loads of questions because she’s about the same age as Sandra. She has lived through the situations that my characters been through and I’ve been able to use her stories to create Sandra as a character that other people from the era would relate to.”

The show is about three weeks into the tour which will run until June.

Lisa said, “I love the fact that I can take on the different ages of Sandra in this show. Some times your cast at a certain age when you look a certain way so I’m honoured to get to follow Sandra’s life all the way through.”

The Sussex born actor has been in many theatre productions as well as starring in TV shows such as Waking the Dead (BBC) and Campus (C4).

The 31-year-old actor said, “It’s a quick paced, witty and very funny show so if you want an enjoyable night out come and see it this week.”

The show, which will run from Tuesday March 22 to Saturday March 26 at Curve, will be directed by Paines Plough co-artistic director, James Grieve.

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