Friday, 18 March 2011

Review: Shaun the Sheep

Tap, disco and ballet dancing farm animals what more can I say about the stage production of Shaun the Sheep.

The Aardman animation has been adapted and directed by David Wood and last night (Friday) I was astounded at the fantastically entertaining show At Curve in Leicester.

It’s always quite strange going to see a show clearly aimed at children with another adult with no children between us. But we had a surprisingly great time despite the lack of children to accompany us.

The light-hearted family show is split into two acts. The first half we see the characters introduced including Shaun and the flock of sheep, the mischievous pigs, the farmer and his faithful and reliable mutt, Blitzer.

The main stage at Curve has been set-up as a farm with flourishing green images framing the set each side and an interchangeable background which was transformed from day to night, sun and rain with light trickery.

Blitzer, whose job was to control everything in the show including the sleep-walking farmer, provided the seamless transition between the scenes outside the farm house and the scenes inside the house, which was opened on set by a moving wall.

Both acts were full of great choreographed dance performances to some well known songs.
The adults in the audience had a shared knowledge of the instrumental songs being played which referenced many popular films and theatre productions.

The sheep and pigs were dancing to a well-known piece from the classic story of Swan Lake and in one scene the farmer and pigs dance to Singing in the Rain.

During the night scene, the sheep create a disco in the barn and Shaun does a solo dance which mimicked John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

The disco scene is revived for the final dance and this has got to be my favourite part of the show. The audience is energised, the music picks up pace and I loved the disco balls that appeared from the ceiling.

A must-family visit to the theatre. You have two dates left to see it at Curve don’t miss out on this music and dance extravaganza!

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Runs until Sunday, March 20.

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