Thursday, 17 March 2011

Day Four: Wig Four

Day four of my wig-a-thon

Today’s emerald wig is to honour St Patrick’s Day as well as continue my Comic Relief challenge.

I'll be wearing today's wig longer than the rest as I'll be wearing it to some training this afternoon/eve.

So far, I've managed to put a smile on everyone's face whom I pass. It's a great feeling to know I'm raising money for a vital cause and giving a few people some laughs along the way even if I do have to look ridiculous for a little while:-)

Today’s motivator
300,000 children under the age of 15 in Africa are blind.
Over 300 million people across the world are visually impaired and, of those, 45 million are completely blind.
The Red Nose Day money you raise can help to give people access to the treatments and operations that will let them see again.

Total so far: £257.50 (Goal: £300)

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